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The technology to virtually visit places on the earth, now fits in our pockets and is free. How people search, discover, and engage online is becoming intertwined with virtual reality technology.  Here’s how it can work to your benefit.

First, let’s quickly answer, for those that don’t know – What is a Google Virtual Tour?

A Google virtual tour is a simulation of an existing location, usually composed of a sequence of images by a Street View Trusted pro or agency like N360 Virtual Tours.

In our case the 360 images are produced, then added to your Google My Business listing as an interconnected virtual walking tour. The new virtual tour is now visible along with your other location information, so searchers can get a better sense of what it’s like to visit your business.

You may be surprised at how many local businesses have not filled out their Google My Business page – quite a few and they are missing out on an opportunity which is a Free Service from Google.

A well optimized listing means one filled with content beyond just the business name and basic info. The more high-quality professional content and interaction the better for your ranking and engagement outlook.

On your GMB (Google My Business)  listing you have several ways to add content like:

– Your website – add your link so people can get there in one click

– Posts – similar to social media updates and offers

– Photos – interior and exterior + identity, at work or team

– Customer Reviews – you can respond to Google reviews adding a layer of interaction and transparency.

– Videos – you can upload short videoes.

– 360 Photos – or a Street View Trusted Google Virtual Tour

Okay, let’s suppose for a second, that you have a restaurant and you want to make sure your customers are able to find you on Google.

You would definitely want some great photos of your storefront, food and the inside of the dining area atmosphere.  But if you had the 360 virtual tour as well, the attraction, interaction and time spent could all DOUBLE.  People WILL spend time walking around your place virtually versus just skimming over still pictures and details. The difference is that it gives a real look at a your business and well, honestly it’s fun to do!

As your prospects tour your business virtually, the views are interpreted by google as positive organic interaction with your listing.  This helps with higher ranking on Google.  So, doubling-down on the type of photo content you are allowed on Google should be self-evident.

A virtual tour shows instantly what can be hard to describe,

So, your location has beautiful fixtures, great art and amazing wall treatments with plenty of warm space.  How do you describe that instantly without saying a word? – With a 360 photos where your potential customer can interact and become familiar with your business.

The Google virtual tour will allow your customer to instantly experience the atmosphere and feel of your location with their own eyes.

They can walk around to different sections of the venue and quickly decide to visit in person. Professionally produced tours are done in such high quality format that you can zoom in and see everything they need to get a clear idea of what your business is all about.

Up-to-date Street View of your storefront allows customers to find you easily after being picked on Google and Google Maps

For example, we’ve seen a street view picture on a business’ listing that was taken by the Google Maps car before the building was even built. When a customer looked at it on Google Maps to get there, it was only a photo showing an empty patch of land.

This can be confusing to a valuable prospect trying to identify your business. Also, if you are in a location where you took over a prior used location, chances are that the Google street car passed by when that company was set up and not your company. Showing their signage or even flaws that you may have fixed or changed or completely renovated over.

When you add any outside 360 pictures, it can replace the thumbnail picture of the most current Google Street View tour taken by the Google Maps Car of that address.

The Google Maps car may only drive by once per year or less often in rural areas, so this can remedied by getting a tour from us.

When your tour is captured, most professional Google virtual tour producers will start with a point or two of the storefront as the beginning of the tour.  If taken close enough to a Street View point, this image usually becomes the new thumbnail of the listing on Google Maps.  This helps your customer get an accurate look of your storefront when navigating to your location.

New way to attract and interact with your customers

Virtual reality may become a tangible force in our daily lives. More and more the virtual world is being developed to help us do all kinds of things – travel, education, even medical technology.

Google and Facebook are pouring billions of dollars into development of hardware and applications to prepare for the next generation of user demands.  The future holds many uses for virtual reality but one available right now is as a tool specifically to engage with your customers.

A Google virtual tour of your business will allow your customers to experience your location.  Most smartphones today will allow you to see virtual images without using special glasses or a virtual reality headset.  Any customer with a smartphone can interact with your space easily.  This gets them to interact with listing in a way that wasn’t available before.

Another great feature in your Google My Business listing is the ability to track how many times your photos are clicked on and looked at.

When you claim your Google My Business listing, you get access to your GMB Dashboard. Here you can manage your listing and also see how many views you’ve gotten of your photos. You’ll also see stats for how many impressions, clicks to website, calls or clicks for directions.

These are all great indicators of how many people are engaging with your listing and taking action.

Your Google Virtual Tour can be used in other places.

It can be embedded and shared in other places outside Google as well.

You can add it to your website easily just like a YouTube video.  Just copy and paste the embed code into a website block and it will appear in just about any context you’d like.

Some businesses like to use different parts of the tour on different pages. Like an events facility showing off a private hall on a page about private events.  Or an apartment complex showing of the gym and pool on a page about the amenities.

It can also be posted on social media that has 360 support, like Facebook.  As we all know social media is a great way to stay in touch with people interested in the products and services. Use 360 content as a way to get them into your store virtually and then physically.

Another tip if you have an email list, you can re-engage with your past clients by sending a link to your new virtual tour.

These are just a few ways to optimize your Google My Business listing in order to get you ranked higher on Google. These tours can be vital to getting traffic to your business online and are recommended highly by Google themselves.

There are limited companies that do this service and they have to be a Trusted Google Partner in order to have access to publishing to your virtual tour to Google.

N360.US is A Trusted Google agency that has produced Google Virtual tours in the United States.

With over 65% of all searches on the internet happening on Google, creating an optimized Google My Business listing complete with a Google virtual tour should be top priority for any business owner.

To most people the virtual world still packs a major wow factor.  Any customer looking at your listing will genuinely enjoy the experience.  Plus, it lets your customer know that you are up to date with current technology and will likely be around to serve them for a while.

Take Action Now!

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